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Published: 10/30/14 Updated: 10/30/14 New!
FeatureForces beyond the norm, help Callen and Nell find something they had been wanting but unwilling to look for. Will the Powers that be finally bring them together? More info...
I'm BACK baby!
Posted by Gina Callen on 10/30/14 02:19 pm [ 0 Comments ]

Well I wanna say thank you to one of the most wonderful people I know, who loves me for my craziness and has seen fit to gift me with this site....So I am going to pay her back by continuing to write the stories that give her nightmares, and make you all question my sanity. I hope you will all bear with me while I bring all of my old and new stories to this site and hopefully keep you entertained....as always reviews are love....(Unless you are planning to beat me to death with a review....Hey...it's happened...lol) So....in honor of tomorrow being my FAVORITE holiday, Samhain, I am going to post this years Nelloween story first for you all.

I hope you enjoy....and don't have nightmares...

Gina Callen.