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Welcome to

Welcome to my site, I hope you will all enjoy the stories i've posted on here.

Please feel free to leave a review it's always nice to hear from you. :)

News & Updates

Upcoming Announcement.

I am currently involved in a colaboration project with some other writers on a NEW NCIS Fan Fiction Series. As soon as details are available that will be posted here. STAY TUNED FOLKS..

UPDATE....The new site is now up and running. please check it out. :)

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SOPA 2013

If you enjoy reading my or anyone elses Fan fiction then you should read this...

This Bill being passed through congress means that anyone who enjoys writing Fanfiction could be jailed just for writing about their favorite fandom, I know we all put disclaimers on our work and none of us want to steal Kudos from the awesome writers who write for our favorite shows, our Fan Fiction is just our way of taking oue favorite characters down roads that the shows cannot or in some cases dare not follow, and having some fun while doing it. This does not take revenue away from our shows, because true fans will still spend all they can making sure they have all the dvd's they can get, and all from legitmate sources.

Please take a moment to read and if you feel so inclined to sign the petition and support other like myself who spend the time doing things they love and sharing their talent with us all.

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Facebook/ Twitter

Just to let ya'll know you can now find me on facebook as Callen37 and also on twitter @GCALLEN37 Would love to see you all there. :)

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Never Tell! by GCallen Adult
Callen and Kensi are closer than anyone else thinks, So what happens when the others find out what they have kept from the rest of the team, Starts before S1 goes through to S5 with time jumps... CaKe...
Lockdown by GCallen Teen
An 'accident' leaves the team on lockdown in the mission for 3 days, emergency lighting and no contact with the outside world...will they survive! 1st in the 'There is no way you can write that' Challenge. 
The Empty glass of truth. by GCallen Adult
Deeks' life is turned upside down with the kidnapping of his mother...Hetty is surprised by the shocking revelation that his mother is someone she believed to be dead. Written for NCISLAADDICT, WIP
Since you've been gone. by GCallen Teen
It had been a year since Sidarov, just under a year since Kensi had gone to Afghanistan and he'd been paired up with Nell. Deeks finally found himself and something he didn't realise he was missing. NOT...
A bored Callen by GCallen Teen
Hetty has often said a bored Callen is a dangerous one, this time Sam finds out why, and why his partner is really so protective of their Operations Manager.
Operation Comescu by GCallen Adult
Operation Comescu is all about you….Vance had said. He'd let Callen fill in the blanks for himself and was pleased when Callen got it wrong. He'd been shocked when he had first read the...
White Ghost, Red Mist by GCallen Adult
Kensi is on the hunt for White Ghost, but finds more than she's looking for, suddenly she has a lot more to protect and an unlikely ally. Requested by bdn2372 cover art by @MeleenaCollins. WIP
Somebody Saved you. by GCallen Teen
Written for NCIS:LA Magazines Callen's Corner Challenge #4. Set after ep. 100, Callen goes looking for his past, can Sam save him from himself and the things he might learn.
Don't look down. by GCallen Adult
Set a year after Sleeping Hunter. Callen is in a relationship, although most of the team haven't met her. Eric and Callen have a deeper friendship, but they have kept things from the team, that are about...
Every Step You Take. by GCallen Teen
Set the day after episode 100. Callen clears Reinhardt's home looking for any more pictures, he finds something more revealing. Set mostly from Reinhardts' POV