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If you are new to this site and you found it by accident, welcome, check it out and stay awhile.

Now did you read G Callen fan ficton and think these were all stories about NCIS:LA's G. Callen? It would be nice, but no.

G. Callen is my name. Yeah I know what the G stands for, it's Gina.

There are plenty of Callen stories on this site, or there will be when I finish moving them over here. but I also write Fan ficton for NCIS and soon NCIS:NOLA, plus next year some original fiction which will be posted on here while it is a WIP.

WIP for those who don't know is a Work in Progress, now, because how my mind works sometimes I have a few of these on the go at a time, but unless I die or lose the capacity to be able to write, they will all be finished.

I hope you enjoy this site, maybe sign up, stay a while and leave me a review, or a request in the shout box.

Gina Callen.

by Gina Callen @ 11/02/14 05:30 am  

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Welcome to the Dark Side.....All stories will be posted with thier respective ratings and Slash stories marked accordingly.

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